Chloé Stora’s apparel lives in harmony with the woman who wears it. Each piece imagined in her Parisian studio ensures an uncompromising allure. Leading threads of the collections, minimalist lines and vibrant prints are the promise of a game of codes and infinite freedom of style. From one season to another, the designer nourished what makes her strengths : the surprising blend of cuts and fabrics. Striped poplin, delicate print, African patterns ... combined with a wool man's coat or tailored jacket.

The Chloé Stora figure is not a set attitude, it is built spontaneously, following the whims of a mood or the impulse of a love at first sight. Never frozen, it establishes itself . As self- evident. It all began in 2008 with pants, centrepiece of a women's wardrobe. Then, the story of the brand was wrote itself as the designer grew. Of this founding garment, a silhouette gently walled: that of conquering femininity, multifaceted and sensitive... Today, Chloé Stora emancipates itself and boosts its codes, to get closer to women of this day.


What drives you ?

The women. It is a pride and pleasure for me to dress them. To be part of their daily lives and accompany their emancipation is a challenge I like to face each season. Knowing that I can touch them with the Chloe Stora style makes me very happy.

How was Chloé Stora born ?

I started my brand very organically because I couldn’t find how to dress myself. I wanted to imagine an assertive and singular style. I first created pants, because at the time, there were many brands doing “tops”", but very few "bottoms". Then gradually was born the desire to expand our range. 

Where do you get your inspiration?

In a multitude of elements, which are always evolving. I often go to Belgium for inspiration. There is design, galleries, the Antwerp school, an architecture that touches me, a certain aesthetic ...

It can also come from a painting, I like very figurative things, portraits, black and white photos. Finally, I feed on my travels, including New York for its energy, Marrakech for its colors and Paris obviously, for its natural elegance ...

What are your favourite elements to work on ?

The broken tones, matt, washes ... There are very rarely bright colours. I like to keep some subtlety. It is the customer who decides what strength she wants to give to her outfit by combining the pieces. I like that Chloé Stora's wardrobe is synonymous with total freedom. I also make it a point of honour to work what is natural. I am very sensitive to beautiful materials: linen, cotton, wool ...

What are your desires for the future?

Continue to accompany women, understand them and create the wardrobe they want.

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